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Paths Beyond Paris: Movements, action and solidarity towards Climate Justice
01 Dec 2015
Carbon Trade Watch

After over 20 years of international climate change negotiations, talks continue to move further away from identifying the root causes of the climate crisis. These short, sharp articles highlight years of struggle, passion and commitment towards environmental, social and climate justice. The writings found in this booklet are contributions from committed activists, researchers, scholars, feminis... 

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New issues of the Mausam newsletter from India: talking climate in public space
01 Dec 2015
India Climate Justice Collective

The new issues of the new Mausam, a magazine published by the India Climate Justice collective aiming to facilitate constructive and creative debate on climate issues, connecting them to local struggles over natural reso... 

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EJOLT Report 23: Refocusing resistance for climate justice. COPing in, COPing out and beyond Paris
01 Dec 2015

The full report can be downloaded here. Abstract The climate and environmental justice debates are heating up ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21, scheduled for December this ye... 

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A Tree for a Fish: The (il)logic behind selling biodiversity
11 Dec 2014
Carbon Trade Watch

Putting a price on ecological systems has been around for several decades, although it was especially heightened during the UN climate negotiations with the introduction of the carbon market, a system which places a mo... 

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Documental: "Toxic Amazon: The Murder of Zé Claudio e Maria"
02 Jun 2013

Proyección y debate del Documental: "Toxic Amazon: The Murder of Zé Claudio e Maria" (English) Dirección del evento: Centre Cívic Convent de Sant Agustí, Sala Noble, Carrer Comerç, 36, CP. 08003 Barcelona (Barcelona) Fecha: Miércole... 

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Protest Coal Biomass Conversions!
22 Apr 2013

24 April, 2013 London, UK In July 2012, Drax confirmed that it plans to convert half of its capacity to burning biomass – this will make Drax by far the biggest biomass-burning power station in the world. If this goes ahead, Drax will be burning pellets made from up to 15.8 million tonnes of ... 

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cap and tradeLetting the market play: corporate lobbying and the financial regulation of carbon trading
12 Oct 2011
Carbon Trade Watch and Corporate Europe Observatory

The European Union is changing its rules on how carbon is traded in response to a series of fraud cases and the financial crisis. This report looks at how corporate lobbies are trying to influence this process, and notes that such measu... 

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monoculturesOn the International Day against Monoculture Plantations, support the No REDD Platform!
21 Sep 2011
No REDD Platform

On the World Day against Monoculture Tree Plantations, The No REDD Platform, a coalition of climate justice groups and Indigenous peoples organizations, seeks support for the letter attached.   With this letter we aim to a... 

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monoculturesLa cementera ARGOS en los Montes de María, Colombia:
18 Sep 2011
Moritz Tenthoff

Las políticas del cambio climático como herramientas para la legalización del despojo, el control territorial y la imposición de megaproyectos agroindustrales Según la cantidad de hectáreas s... 

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cap and tradeEurope’s ETS rewards big polluters
01 May 2011
Simon Butler

Europe’s biggest polluters have made billions out of the European Emissions Trading System (ETS). But a new briefing by Carbon Trade Watch (CTW) says the scheme will ensure industry will not have to cut its emissions until at least ... 

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Flagship carbon scheme in jeopardy?
17 Apr 2013
BBC World Service

The European Parliament has voted against proposals to prop up the world's leading carbon trading scheme, designed to reduce CO2 emissions. The price to emit has plummeted to a record low, raising q... 

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Why are carbon markets failing?
13 Apr 2013
Steffen Böhm - The Guardian

For years we have put our faith in the market to incentivise cleaner technology, and for years the carbon market has been riddled with corruption. It's time to try something else Carbon mar... 

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Time to scrap ETS in favour of effective climate measures
21 Feb 2013

Calls for the European Union to scrap the ETS. Wendel Trio and Bernadette Segol last week called for support of “backloading” and subsequent structural reform of the failing emiss... 

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EU urged to scrap carbon trading scheme
18 Feb 2013
by Daniel Mason /

The European Union's flagship carbon reduction policy has come under fire from campaigners who claim it actually increases emissions and forces ordinary people to bear the costs while polluters make... 

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